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Smart, Innovative Investments

Expatti is an innovative investment consulting company whose ideals are fundamentally based on a combined sixty years’ extensive and in-depth experience in the Investment and Cost Engineering field.

Building its reputation on elegant and innovative investment concepts, the company has seen many a fruitful and highly profitable returns in their vast clientele base, adding immeasurable value to their service offering proposition.

With the recent promulgation of the 12J tax legislation, Expatti recognized an invaluable opportunity to grow its client’s investments and endeavour to build their next venture based solely on this concept. Tried and tested, classic investment styles remain the foundation of their enterprise, but the young creative minds of this company continually research new opportunities to feed their client’s wealth and financial freedom.

Focusing on Expats and South African Citizens alike, the company hosts investment services and tax advice through its partners that outweigh average investment concepts. Taking its clients to the next level of financial security, tax deductibles, and long-term investments, Expatti consumes the market with their out-of-the-box-thinking regime and continues to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Along with their infinite desire to meet and exceed each client’s expectation, Expatti opens its doors to property investment opportunities, primarily focussed on the Student housing and hospitality market where dormant, but necessary and lucrative opportunities lay, ready to be unearthed.

Excited and ready for the task at hand, the team has built a foundation on this concept, by recognising a need in the market, and a magnificent opportunity to grow not only their clients’ wealth, but the economy of South Africa.

Finding themselves in an advantageous tax legislative environment, Expatti takes full advantage of the tax acts, recently endorsed within South Africa and manoeuvring it, to ensure that their client’s fiscal thirst is quenched.


Smart, Innovative Investments

Joe Volschenk (CEO And Founder)

Joe Volschenk, founder and CEO of the Expatti Group is a qualified Construction Project Manager whose prints have been left on some of the finest property developments in South Africa, including the Fourways Mall Precinct Project. Having fifteen years’ experience in the financial and commercial sector, lending his expertise to companies such as Illovo, Sasol Ltd and Anglo American. His passion for large capital budgets now erects Expatti Investments and operates in the Property and Financial Services Sector. Having extensive knowledge in the property investment sector, Joe and his team fully understand the risk ratios in property, in relation to other investment platforms and in marrying the property investment sectror with section 12J of the Tax Act, he and his team expect nothing but wholesome, fruitful and prosperous returns for their clients.

Interesting fact: Joe completed his first large residential Property development at the tender age of twenty-one.