Smart, Innovative Investments

Expatti offers taxpayers an investment vehicle that reduces their taxable income to zero, ultimately rendering their income tax payable to zero, saving them thousands of Rands over the investment period. Due to the vast saving, the investment figure is capped at R2 500 000 for natural persons.

Large Corporate companies often pay exorbitant amounts on tax. Expatti offers a failsafe investment option which eliminates these taxes and reduces the sum to zero. As with natural persons, this sum also operates on capitation and is set at R5 000 000.

Being the only country in the world to offer such a benefit, South Africa renders itself a tax haven for foreigners and South African Expats in that it offers a premium benefit to these individuals where taxable income is reduced to zero. Versatility in the investment earnings offers the opportunity to have earned income repaid to the investor in cash. Furthermore, the investor is granted the prospect of retaining the immovable asset to the value of the investment and continue to enjoy the elevated growth that the property has produced over the investment term.

Lastly, with all the benefits already mentioned, the investor can choose to remain a beneficiary to the fund and earn a substantial, passive income.


Expatti understands that these lump sums are not always readily available to invest, and therefore have devised safe, secure, and low interest capital provision through a reputable sister company. No surety is required for up to 40% of the investment sum borrowed, making this an accessible benefit to a vast majority of their clients.

The financial services providers set a limit of 80% of the investment, to safeguard the fund. With the ultimate objective being to save their clients’ money, you can trust that the financial provision option secures only profitable gain over the investment term.